Leadership Team

Mikhail Shneyder

Chief Executive Officer,
Nightingale Education Group

MIKHAIL SHNEYDER is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nightingale Education Group, a mission-driven organization focused on innovative nursing workforce development across its entire professional continuum, from prelicensure academic programs to graduate studies to reskilling and upskilling through continuing education.

Shneyder served as the first President of Nightingale College, a higher learning institution dedicated to closing education equity gaps and creating geographic, socioeconomic, and demographic access to the nursing profession throughout the United States. A registered nurse for more than 25 years, Shneyder has a wealth of management experience in post-secondary education for health professions and health care delivery services. He is a published academic author, conference speaker, and guest lecturer, specializing in strategic planning, organization development, forecasting, and management.

Shneyder holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.